Services for Researchers

Service Samples

For those researchers without NMR experience that would like to take advantage of all of the research opportunities this technology provides, the MNMR Center can set up experiments and collect data on your behalf. Please request a consultation for capabilities and pricing.

Research Consultation

If you’d like to take advantage of NMR technology in your research but are uncertain how to best apply these methods to your research, MNMR Center Staff have extensive experience in NMR development and application, and are available for a research consultation or collaboration.

To request a consultation please check out our Meet our Staff page. There, you will find information on the specialties of each staff member, as well as the best method by which to contact them.

With two state-of-the art 700 MHz NMR instruments designed specifically for metabolomics analysis and equipped with 5 mm and 1.7 mm TCI cryoprobes, as well as autosamplers that can queue up to 480 samples at one time in controlled temperature conditions, the MNMR center is well-equipped for high throughput metabolomic analysis.

  • Gathering Data

Researchers may send samples to be analyzed by MNMR Center staff or aquire their own data using the Center's equipment. With MAS technology, solid tissue samples may be analyzed as well.

  • Analyzing Data

As analyzing the data gathered from an NMR spectrometer may be difficult, the MNMR Center has partnered with Chenomx, Inc. in Edmonton, Canada to offer professional analysis of metabolomics data gathered here. MNMR Center users will enjoy the following benefits from this association:

-Discounted spectra analysis
-Search and quantitation of up to 300 metabolites.
-Customized analysis

Who to Contact for Service

Solid-state experiments?

Dr. U. Venkateswara Reddy

Small or Large Molecule Solution-state samples?

Mr. Rappe