Pulse Sequence Downloads

Disclaimer: The pulse programs, Python scripts, AU programs and Macros can be downloaded below. Before running your experiments related to the materials provided, please check them carefully. We are not responsible for any damage to your spectrometers.


Pulse sequences developed in the lab of Prof. Gianluigi Veglia

To download pulse sequences, please click here.


Pulse sequences for Bruker Solution NMR

P. Rossi, Y. Xia, N. Khanra, G. Veglia, and C.G. Kalodimos. 15N and 13C- SOFAST-HMQC editing enhances 3D-NOESY sensitivity in highly deuterated, selectively [1H,13C]-labeled proteins. J Biomol NMR (2016).

Download Package for TopSpin 3.1

Download Package for TopSpin 2.1