Registration Now Open for the Advanced Workshop May 2017!

Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 4:15pm

"Hands-On NMR Workshop: From Protein Structure Determination to Drug Design"

May 15-19, 2017

Cost: $650 for seven days of Hands-On Learning and Lectures

The Minnesota NMR Center will offer a week-long 'hands-on' NMR course May 15-19, 2017, directed at postdoctoral and graduate students interested in protein structure determination by NMR spectroscopy.

This course will include hands-on sections on the experimental setup and optimization of pulse sequences with the center’s spectrometers, as well as an introduction to spectra interpretation and structure calculation (pulse sequence codes and scripts for structure calculation will be provided). Significant emphasis will be given to the study and interpretation of ligand binding and drug discovery by NMR.

Participants will also have a unique opportunity to network with invited speakers and NMR Center staff members. TopSpin/VNMRJ and nmrPipe/Sparky software will be utilized.

Lectures and hands-on NMR sections will be held at the Minnesota NMR Center, which is equipped with two 600, two 700, one 850, and one 900 MHz Bruker spectrometers with cryogenic probes. 

Guest Speakers Include: 
Prof. Giuseppe Melacini (McMaster University)
Prof. Marco Tonelli (NMRFAM at University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Prof. Vincenzo Venditti (Iowa State University)
Prof. Maurizio Pellecchia (University of California-Riverside)
Prof. William Pomerantz (University of Minnesota)
Dr. Mark McCoy (Merck)

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