Workshop 2020 will be July 21-24, 2020. Registration for the virtual workshop now open!

The 2020 VIRTUAL Summer NMR Workshop will be July 21-23, 2020 with an optional solid-state add-on for July 24, 2020, with all courses and experimental sessions taught via zoon. The initial three days will include teachings in topics ranging from Metabolomics/Small Molecule to Protein Structure and Dynamics, with remote login experience in 2D NMR setup, automation set-up & solvent suppression, as well as resonance assignment software. The solid-state NMR (ssNMR) session includes a brief description of ssNMR methods and applications to small molecules and proteins.

Registration for the 3-day workshop is $200, with a cost of $50 per student for the solid-state add-on

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If you have any questions regarding the workshop, please contact Tara Mclane at [email protected], or by phone at (612) 301-9691.