4-Day NMR Techniques Course (BIOC 5225, 1 Credit, Spring 2019)

Wednesday, November 28, 2018 - 1:30pm

Our Dr. Gopinath Tata is the instructor for BIOC 5225 Graduate Laboratory in NMR Techniques which will be offered Spring 2019.  This course is 4 days in length (1/22/2019-1/25/2019) and is similar to the annual workshop held by the Center.  An introduction to NMR techniques will be provided, as well as demonstrating how to choose the appropriate NMR experiment for specific types of samples.  To view the full syllabus, please click here. For questions on how to register, please contact OneStop. If you require a permission number, please contact Dr. Tata at gopi@umn.edu.