2019 Summer Workshop Schedule Now Available!

Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 1:15pm

Tuesday, July 9

9:00AM    Introduction, MNMR Policies

10:00AM    1D NMR Basic Theory and Hardware

11:00AM    Hands-on 1D NMR Setup

12:30PM    Catered Lunch

1:00PM    1D Data Processing

2:00PM    2D NMR Basic Theory

3:00PM    Hands on 2D NMR Setup (COSY, NOESY, HSQC, HMBC)


Wednesday, July 10

9:00AM     Metabolomics Speaker (Prof. Peter Crawford)

10:00AM    Screening Speaker (Prof. William Pomerantz, UMN)

11:00AM    Hands on Solvent Suppression and Automation

12:30PM    Catered Lunch

1:00PM    Metabolomics Speaker (Prof. Beth Lusczek, UMN)

2:00PM    Hands on Metabolomics Software (Chenomx, MMCD and HMDB databases, rNMR Metaboanalyst)

4:00PM    Small Molecule Speaker (Dr. Andre d’Avignon, UMN)


Thursday, July 11

9:00AM    Intro to Protein Structure & Dynamics

10:00AM    2D and 3D Experiments for Resonance Assignments

11:00AM    Hands on 3D NMR Experimental Setup

12:30PM    Catered Lunch

1:00PM    Resonance Assignment Software (NMRPipe, NMRDraw, etc.)

3:00PM    Protein Structure & Dynamics Speaker (Prof. Kim Ha, St. Katherine University)

4:00PM    Wrap up


Solid-State Add-On Course, Friday, July 12

9:00AM    Introduction to solid-state NMR and basic hardware setup

10:00AM    Experimental protocols for protein sequential assignment and structure: Some         examples of crystalline, and membrane-bound proteins

11:00AM    Applications of solid-state NMR in the study of pharmaceutical drugs and food         materials

12:00PM    Catered Lunch

1:00PM    Solid-state NMR experimental setup on 600 or 700MHz spectrometer using         3.2mm MAS probes

3:00PM    End of Day