Are there any requirements for publications with data collected at MNMR?

If you publish data collected at MNMR Center please include the “Minnesota NMR Center” in your acknowledgements. If the particular journal’s space requirements permit, please also include the “Funding for NMR instrumentation was provided by the Office of the Vice President for Research, the Medical School, the College of Biological Science, NIH, NSF, and the Minnesota Medical Foundation." in your acknowledgements.

A staff person should be included as a co-author in any publication that received a significant intellectual contribution from that person. More detailed information can be obtained in the "Authorship" or "Acknowledgements" sections on the Policy page.

What are the rules regarding signing up for NMR time?

You must send in a request for time in the Schedule portion of the web site. Requests will be filled in the order they were received. The staff has the discretion to make schedule adjustments on short notice, if necessary, to balance specific requirements, and in an effort to optimize instrument use. Keep in mind that the schedule is updated by the staff, so it may take some time for the schedule to reflect a recent request. You can read more about "Sign-up and User Charges" on the Policy page.

Where can I order NMR tubes, solvents, isotopes, etc.?

We have a stock of common NMR supplies, including tubes, solvents, isotopes for labeling and media for growths, that can be purchased through the facility. You can also purchase from various manufacturer's, which are listed within our NMR Links section.

How do I get access to the schedule portion of the website?

A password is required to access the Schedule portion of the web site. You will receive this password from the staff when you are approved and have been trained to use the instruments.

How do I request additional training?

If you want to get training, please check our Training and Events page for upcoming workshops. In order to notify the Center of your inteest in training, you will have to submit a training request form, which can also be found on the left side of the Training and Events page.

What do I need to do to gain access to the spectrometers?

In order to use any of the instruments in the center you must first go through our mandatory Practical NMR Workshop. This is held at various times throughout the year. Pending circumstances, we may do personal training, but would still require attendance to the next available workshop. Please review the Training Policies and Procedure for additional information.

What spectrometers and probes are available in the center?

We currently house 8 spectrometers ranging from 600MHz to 900MHz. There are more details regarding specific instruments and probes here.