MNMR Center

Cancel Instrument Time

Policy of Cancellation (since 12/04/2014)

To help avoid unused blocks of time, users should plan their experiments carefully and inform the staff of any unnecessary time as soon as possible. Center personnel may make exceptions to the below policies on a case-by-case basis.

Cancelled Time: Users who cancel their reserved time less than 24 hours in advance are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the amount of remaining reserved time up to 24 hours, unless they find another user for the reserved time.

Unused Time: In the event that a user does not cancel their reservation and only uses a portion of their reserved time, they can be charged for the entirety of their reservation, unless they find another user for the unused reserved time.


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3. Please leave a description of the time removed along with a reason.

The Schedule is updated by the staff M-F generally in the morning between 9am-12pm.
If it has been more than 24hrs since your request was submitted and is a weekday, please contact center staff.